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Pioineer IIP

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1 - What is Pioneer IIP ?

Pioneer Intelligent Input Picker is a little software that allow to your Pioneer VSX to be more autonomous and more intelligent.

Have you ever notice that when you use airplay your Pioneer VSX stays on the "Airplay" input and you have to change manually the input to get back to what you were listening before ?

Pioneer IIC allow to return to the last selected input or one input of your choice after using Airplay or Upnp/DLNA. It allows to restore initial volume after streaming playback so you don't have to adjust volume each time you finish using Airplay.

If you have a squeezebox Pioneer IIC is even more powerful and allow to trigger actions on a state change of your Pioneer VSX or your Squeezebox. For example you can switch off automatically your pioneer amp when you switch off your squeezebox. Or you can start play on squeezebox automatically when the right input is selected on your Pioneer VSX. Many more actions are available and described in table of the "document" section  below.

PioneerIIP has been designed for Pioneer VSX-527 but is compatible with a lot of others models like the VSX-42/43/528/822/921/1021/1022/1023/1120...

You can download and try the demo version HERE !


2 - Versions comparison


Pioneer IIP Demo

Pioneer IIP Full

Price : 2€

Time limit

Limited to 180 secondes

No limits

Auto detection of the Pioneer on the network

Application can be send application to systray

+ Hide in taskbar

+ Run at startup


Airplay Triggers

Squeezebox Triggers

Updates notifications

Displays symbol of current source


3 - Documentation

1 - setup

PioneerMRC is avaible for download in a setup file or a zip file without installation.

2 - Configuration

By default PioneerIIP looks automatically for your Pioneer VSX on your network. You have just to plug your VSX on the network, switch it on, wait one minute and then launch PioneerIIP. If you know the IP adress of your VSX you can edit the file "config.ini", enter the IP adress and the port in the [CONFIG] section.

PioneerIIP comes with definition configuration for VSX-527 and VSX-1022.If your VSX is not one of these then the VSX-1022 configuration is loaded (in other words VSX-1022 is the default configuration). But you can edit the "config.ini" file and create your own configuration. All you have to do is to create an new section like "[VSX-1022Functions]" get the IP commands for each input source, for example : "FN01=CD". Then for each input source you can edit the [Controls] section to indicate if the song infos and the player controls have to be displayed or not.

3 - usage

Pioneer IIP is really simple to user : just check the option that you want to automatize. The list of possible actions is listed in the table below.

Remark : if you use the Squeezebox section, you have just to enter the IP ot the name of the Squeezebox server in the squeezebox's field. If your squeezebox server and the computer wich runs pioneer IIP are the same machine you can put localhost in this field.


Airplay/DLNA Triggers


Pioneer : end of airplay or dlna playbak

Pioneer : return to last used input before airplay/DLNA

Pioneer : end of airplay or dlna playbak

Pioneer : always return to the specified input

Pioneer : end of airplay or dlna playbak

Pioneer : Restore initial volume (like before airplay)

squeezebox Triggers


Squeezebox : start to play

Pioneer : switch to the righ input

Squeezebox : power off

Pioneer : power off

Pioneer : the squeezebox input is selected

Squeezebox : start to play

Pioneer : the squeezebox input isn’t selected anymore

Squeezebox : pause

Pioneer : power off

Squeezebox : power off


4 - FAQ


Q - How do I know if my server is compatible with PioneerMRC ?
A - Download the Demo version here, if you can see the current input displayed it's OK.
After your test you can make a post on the forum to say the result of your test.



5 - Forum : request & support


You have found a bug ? You need a new functionality ? You have a problem ? You're happy to use PioneerMRC ?

Say it on the forum !



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