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Download PlexToaster

1 - What is PlexToaster ?

You don't know if someone is currently playing something on your Plex Server ?

PlexToaster is a simple Windows software to know at any time what is the current state of your Plex Server.


Features :



You can download and try the demo version HERE !



2 - Versions comparison (Free / Registered)


PlexToaster Demo

PlexToaster Full

Price : 2€

Time limit

Limited to 10 minutes

No limits

Auto detection of Plex server on the local network

Application can be send application to systray

+ Hide in taskbar

+ Run at startup



Save all events in log file

Updates notifications

Show Plex state


PlexToaster demo has all functionalities but is limited to 10 minutes for each session.


3 - Documentation

1 - setup

PioneerMRC is avaible for download in a setup file. Just click next,next,next ;) There are no adware in our steup !

2 - Configuration

On the first run, the only thing to configure is the URL of your Plex server. You can type it in the top field or just click on the magnifying glass icon to find it automatically on your local network.

In PlexToaster options, you can also set to

In PlexToster notification section you can set what kind of event will be notified :

example of notification :

3 - usage

PlexToaster  is really simple to use.

PlexToster creates an icon in systray. This icon indicate Plex current state :

Plex is available but idle :

Plex is currently playing something (do not reboot your server ;) ) :

Plex is not available :


You can put mouse cursor over the icon to have détails on the current state :

Double right clic on the systray icon display the current playing list to see who and what is currently played from you Plex server :

Double Left click show the main interface :

Here you can configure Plex URL, options and notifications.

The state icon indicate the current state of your Plex server and how many video sessions are currently played. Like for the systray icon there are 3 different states :

Plex is available but idle :

Plex is currently playing something (do not reboot your server ;) ) :

Plex is not available :

You can also click on this current state icon to quicly open Plex state web interface.


4 - FAQ


Q - What the refresh time interval ?
A - PlexToaster refresh informations every 30 seconds. You can force refresh by clicking on the save URL icon.

Q - Can I Plex Toaster remotely ?
A - No, Plextoaster is only usable on your local network. If you want to use it remotely thrue an internet connection you should take a look to VPN solutions like Hamachi.



5 - Forum : request & support


You have found a bug ? You need a new functionality ? You have a problem ? You're happy to use PioneerMRC ?

Say it on the forum !