Welcome on the new version of The Schmurtz Company

Saturday, 12 April 2014 00:00 Written by Schmurtz

Comes back with a new version !


1999 : The Schmurtz Company V1
2005 : The Schmurtz Company V2
And Now 2014 The Schmurtz Company comes back with a new version !


A beautiful new skin to share informations and Schmurtz's products with you !

The old school logo and the objective are always the same : share informations, articles, software and hardware things with you.


The website is now divided in 5 sections :


Home : News about The Schmurtz Company

Softwares : A repository of softwares made by schmurtz

Hardware (soon) : A repository of hardware stuffs made by schmurtz

articles (soon) : Articles written by Schmurtz

Forum : The place to discuss about Schmurtz's articles, softwares and hardware stuffs.


Hope you'll like it !